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7 Tips for Moving Into a New Apartment

July 6, 2020

Blog Post | Moving Tips

Moving anxiety can creep in because of the many unavoidable changes you’re about to face. You may also not be financially ready for the costs. Besides, the heavy loads and the packing and unpacking can distract your life and cause a lot of stress.

But if you’re planning to move, you need not trouble yourself with worrying too much. Most of the time, you can plan your move and enjoy the entire process. Here are moving tips you can bet on to avoid major moving problems. 

1. Stay Calm and Plan the Move

When you know you’re moving to a new apartment try to relax and get your pen out to start planning. Planning is the best way to avoid procrastination and last-minute rushing. 

It also helps to bring out entire moving requirements which can be useful for your budget. Still, if your move is a few days away don’t stress because there’s little you can change. By remaining calm, you can avoid moving anxiety and be able to figure out the plan.

Ask yourself if you’ll need a mover or you’ll move by yourself. This decision depends on the locations of the new home, time and whether you can afford a moving company. Another thing is to set a schedule and a checklist of the move. It would also be best if you set a budget that will serve as your cost guiding tool.

2. Purge or Donate What You Don’t Need

Before you pack for the move into the new apartment, go through your belongings. Sometimes there may be hordes of items you don’t need or use anymore. Separate all the clothes, furnishings or utensils which are no longer useful.

By doing this, you’ll be able to trim your moving load, saving you space and some moving cost. Besides, by having fewer items to pack you’ll need fewer boxes and reduce packing time.

Sometimes the items you don’t use can be useful or valuable to someone else. So, why not consider listing the items on Craigslist or running an online sale? This can help you raise a few bucks to boost your moving costs.

If you’re limited in time, you can give out the items to friends or relatives or donate to charity.

3. Start Packing Early

Moving to a new apartment is mostly about fighting procrastination. Even with a plan in hand, you can lose track of time and find yourself unprepared at the last minute. But if you pack way ahead of time you can reduce a lot of moving stress.

If you have purged some stuff your work is cut down. If not, there won’t be much trouble as long as you pack a month from the actual moving date. 

Focus on keeping your belongings organized by adopting a labeling system. You can take photos of each box’s contents to avoid confusion. One of the top packing tips to consider is to use apps like Sortly or Move Planner, to inventory your items.

Store important documents and valuables in secure cases. Separate a box to pack essential items that you’ll use days before moving and after moving.

4. Plan for Utilities

A stress-free move involves more than moving into a new apartment successfully. You will want your utilities to run effectively from when you set your foot in the new home. Imagine moving into the new apartment to find no lights, running water and the WIFI doesn’t connect.

Take the appropriate precautions to avoid issues with utilities. Yet it’s something you can escape by contacting your providers on time so get familiar with all the new providers. They can include water and sewer, gas, security, electricity, internet, phone, cable and trash. 

Write their contacts and update each one on your impending moving. Call at a month before moving, especially for the services which need installation.

Here are more things to do about utilities before moving

  • Update your utility providers with your new address
  • Clear any pending bills before moving
  • Read and note the last meter reading or seek bills clearance from your providers.

5. Ask for Moving Help

Even after hiring a mover, some help from friends or relatives can help make it a more peaceful move. There are many tasks to do during moving and more hands can speed things up.

For instance, you may need help taking photos, labeling, packing or organizing things. The moment you learn that you’re moving, inform friends and relatives. Some may need to request a day off from work, so timely updates can ensure they make it.

One of the handiest moving tips is to use a helping list. Create a list of the expected moving tasks and let your friends choose where they are comfortable to help. This can enable you to avoid putting off people who may fear heavy lifting.

6. Moving Times and How to Move-In

It’s important to be extremely organized on a moving day. Make sure you’re ready when your helper or mover arrives. If your friends came to do the heavy lifting, they shouldn’t find you still struggling to pack.

Make sure everyone knows their role if you have loved ones helping out. If not, be able to give movers clear directives.

7. Celebrate the Move

To get rid of anxiety when moving into a new apartment, appreciate your old and new home. Before moving, update your friends on the move. You can call for a party to enjoy the splendid times you shared.

Celebrating the last goodbye is always an exciting way to start a new phase. You can also organize a housewarming party. Before moving into the new apartment, get some party necessities then invite friends to an empty house to break in the fresh space. 

Moving Into a New Apartment

Moving into a new apartment becomes more comfortable when you’re well-armed with the right moving tips. These pointers can help make your move much less hectic.

A quick reminder─ plan for the move and start packing early to avoid procrastination. Take care of utilities on time and seek help. Above all, to appreciate, a small party could go a long way.

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