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5 Things to Do to Prepare for a Moving Company to Pack up Your Home

January 5, 2021

Blog Post | Moving Tips

Tick tock, tick tock!

Knowing that a move is on the horizon can be a reason to fret and panic for many, but not to worry! You’ve already done the most important part and booked a moving company. Using one can be enough to bring your stress levels down to a near-normal state, as our primary goal is to take care of everything, in a quality, customer-centric manner. 

But are there any things that you can do to ensure that you encounter zero hiccups on the big day?

Read on to check out our 5 tips that will help you keep focused on your new start and nothing else.

1. Time to Make Decisions

It’s only when moving to a new home that you soon realize just how many things you have accumulated over the years. What you don’t want however is to come to this realization a few hours before a moving company is at your doorstep! 

It is essential to have an inventory of your things for move day, not just for the moving company, but also for you. 

Going through your belongings room by room also enables you to do the dreaded but necessary cull of what stays and what you decide to leave behind, sell, or donate.

Decide upon what damaged or old things can be thrown away. This can be quite a cathartic experience and helps to give a sense of a fresh new start for the whole family.  

Next, you can sort out what can either be donated or sold. It may surprise you how much you can earn from the many things collecting dust in your attic or garage! Start in places such as those, as often they house hidden treasures that require a significant amount of time. If left for the last minute though, these areas can be the most challenging to sort through.

In fact, making sure that you allow yourself enough time to prepare for your move should be your main goal. The number one way to ensure an easy and smooth move is knowing as much as you can about your belongings.

2. Special Items and a Store Room  

In the melee of a move, the last thing you will need is not being able to find things that will prove to be important, not just on the day, but for you. 

Passports, insurance papers, and jewelry are best kept on your person to ensure that nothing is either left behind or put in place that is either not easily accessible or not labeled at all.

Often in our haste to get things prepared it is easy to forget that the day of the move you will need to operate without access to items that you use on a daily basis. Therefore prepare beforehand the clothes you and your family will wear and any toiletries that can be used either on the day or upon your arrival. Having these things on hand can prove to be a lifesaver. 

Don’t forget about your stomach too! Having easy access to snacks and things to drink will be greatly appreciated by all, including the movers! 

Another good tip would be to isolate which room in your house can be a storeroom. Having somewhere to put any boxes that you wish to pack before the big day can save valuable space in the days before the moving company arrives.

Even if you are taking advantage of our stellar packing services, having a place in the house where everything of primary importance is kept will give you peace of mind. 

3. Prepare Your Home for your Columbus Moving Company

Although they may not be familiar with the particular geography of your home, professional moving companies are skilled at ensuring that there is no damage to your goods in transit. However, taking extra measures to avoid the typical wear and tear a property can experience when a multitude of people come to move boxes and heavy furniture is a wise course.

You can use old sheets, cardboard boxes and blankets to cover the floor from dirt and damage. Foam protectors can also be useful in warding off chipping any edges or doorways. 

Being prudent in this way can guarantee that your previous address is left in the best condition. 

4. Make a Plan for Children and Pets

With so much movement over the course of your moving day, having a plan for young children or pets should be a priority. Children can easily hurt themselves if they are allowed to move freely in the home, and young ones especially may find the process overwhelming. 

Older children on the other hand may wish to be involved and them doing so may help them with the closure needed in starting a new chapter. 

Either way, aim to have a plan in place. If you are able to, leave them with a relative or trusted friends. If this or a babysitter is not an option, identify a room in your home where they can play safely away from the surrounding activity.

5. Finishing Touches Before Your Move 

It will be in your best interests to see that all your belongings are clean and dry before the movers come.

Not only does this allow you on the destination end to not have to worry about handling dusty and stained appliances in your new home, but drying your goods avoids them getting moisture damage in transit. 

Something that your movers would be grateful for is attention being given to home appliances.

Some goods such as your fridge need to be turned off and defrosted 24hrs before being moved. For this reason, there is a need to think about perishable items. Over the course of the coming weeks, you can work your way through certain food items in your refrigerator and freezer. Perhaps you can give some canned goods or food to a friend? Give it some thought so these small matters are not left for the big day.  

You will need to disconnect your washer and dryer, as well as other appliances, and take light bulbs out of fittings. 

Sit Back and Try to Enjoy the Big Day

Moving home, although the source of much stress is a momentous and significant part of life. By having everything in place, you will be able to relax and do nothing and  watch the masters at work. 

There is no doubt that enlisting the aid of a moving company makes perfect sense for anyone moving to a new home. You won’t find a safer pair of hands than us at American Moving and Storage Solutions, and we are more than happy to assist you in any way that we can.  If you live in the Columbus area but will plan to be changing your geography soon, don’t delay in getting in contact with us today!

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