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10 Common Packing Mistakes to Avoid for Your Move

July 6, 2021

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Did you know that over 40 million U.S. adults moved every year in the last five years? That’s about 13% of the American adult population moving every year. 

Are you one of the millions of Americans moving this year? You might want to know about some common packing mistakes you can avoid to make the move as stress-free as possible. 

This guide will provide some examples of mistakes so you won’t have any issues during your move. Keep reading to learn more. 

1. Not Creating a Schedule 

Creating a schedule and having a routine in place is important for your day-to-day life but it’s especially important during a chaotic time, like during a move. Having a plan in place will help keep you focused and keep the stress away.

Creating a checklist and timeline will keep you on task and help you avoid wasting time you don’t have. A packing schedule will avoid the stress of leaving your packing for the last minute.  

2. Taping your Boxes the Wrong Way 

Another common mistake, especially if this is your first big move, is taping up your boxes the wrong way. You want to avoid this so you don’t lose or damage any of your belongings. 

If your boxes break while you’re transporting your belongings you don’t just risk property damage, you risk getting yourself injured as well. When putting together your boxes make sure that you double tape the bottom part of the boxes and the sides as well. 

3. Not Getting Enough Packing Supplies

Another mistake you should avoid when preparing to move is running out of packing supplies. This is why planning is vital. If you know what you need to pack you’ll know how many boxes and how much tape you’ll need.

It’s always a better idea to have extra boxes leftover than to be packing up your belongings and running out of supplies halfway through. You also want to make sure you have quality packing tape and boxes.

While you can find free boxes at most grocery stores, used boxes might be too worn to protect your belongings. 

4. Leaving Empty Space in Boxes 

Leaving too much space inside a box before taping it closed is a mistake you shouldn’t make when packing for your move. Space inside the box will cause items to rattle around when the box is being moved. 

If you have fragile items in that box you’re very likely to find broken items when you open the box again in your new home. Fill the box so that everything fits snuggly. 

If you’ve run out of items to put in a specific box you can always wrap delicate items in bubble wrap or fill the empty spaces with towels.

5. Not Sorting Your Belongings First 

Random packing is a big mistake that’ll make your move a lot harder than it needs to be. Sorting through your things will help you keep boxes organized by room so that the unpacking is easier to do as well. 

Not sorting through your things before packing them will waste more time and money on packing supplies. Make separate piles for items you want to throw out and donate, that way you’ll only pack and transport things you need. 

6. Forgetting Labels for Boxes

You don’t want to put your boxes on the moving truck without labeling them first. Why take the time to organize your belongings and pack them neatly without labeling the boxes?

This will waste a lot of your time once you get to your new home. Trying to figure out which boxes belong in which room will add unnecessary stress to your day. 

After packing each box make sure you label it with what’s inside, what room it belongs in, and how to handle the box. 

7. Not Getting Any Packing Help

Moving is a long and stressful process so it’s important to take all the help you can get. Don’t make the mistake of trying to do everything on your own because it’ll take up a lot of time you might not have. 

You already have so much on your plate, why shouldn’t you let a local moving company help you out with the packing so you can focus on other important tasks? Check out the services we offer at American Moving & Storage Solutions.  Besides moving you into your new home we can pack everything up for you as well. 

8. Packing Hazardous Items

Don’t make the dangerous mistake of packing hazardous items with your other belongings. Most moving companies are prohibited from transporting certain hazardous materials, so you’ll be wasting time packing these items. 

Contact the moving company ahead of time to find out what you can’t load onto the truck so you can make other moving arrangements for these items. 

Common items considered hazardous include car batteries, lighter fluid, fire extinguishers, certain cleaning products, and fertilizer. 

9. Overfilling Your Boxes Is a Common Mistake

In the same way that leaving space in a box is dangerous, so is overfilling it. Boxes that are too full can break open and cause an injury. A box that’s too heavy is also a danger for anyone who has to carry it.

A good thing to keep in mind is that bigger items should be placed in smaller boxes to avoid adding more weight to them.  

10. Not Having a Box for Essentials 

When packing for moving it’s important to remember a box for essential items. You don’t want to put this box on the moving truck because these are sensitive items you’ll need with you right away. Your essentials box should have important documents, medications, phone chargers, and a change of clothes. 

Common Packing Mistakes You Should Avoid 

When preparing for a move there are a few common packing mistakes you’ll want to avoid. Make sure to label all your boxes clearly and hire a moving company to help you pack up your belongings. 

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